• Youthpass is a new way for participants in the Youth in Action Programme to describe what they have done and to show what they have learnt.

  • Describes the activity itself and confirms the participation.

  • The first half of the first page includes the name of the individual participant, the date and town/country of birth and the basic details of the course (title, dates, venue).

  • The next part on the document is a general description. This helps people from outside the youth field to understand what a Training Course is really about. This description is necessary when showing your Youthpass to people who have never heard of training courses in international youth work.

  • The second page of Youthpass for Training Courses starts with a summary of partner organisations that ran the Training Course together – if it was a joint project with other organisations – followed by a summary of the aims and objectives of the Training Course.

  • These two first pages of the Certificate are followed by an optional number of pages, in which the participant’s learning outcomes are described using the Key competences.

  • Key competences as a tool to describe the learning outcomes from experiences gained within the Youth in Action Programme


1. Communication in the mother tongue
Communication in the mother tongue is the ability to express and interpret concepts, thoughts, feelings, facts and opinions in both oral and written form.

2. Communication in foreign languages
Communication in foreign languages broadly shares the main skill dimensions as communication in the mother tongue: it is based on the ability to understand, express and interpret concepts, thoughts, feelings, facts and opinions in both oral and written form.

3. Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology
Mathematical competence is the ability to develop and apply mathematical thinking in order to solve a range of problems in everyday situations.
Competence in science refers to the ability and willingness to use the body of knowledge and methodology employed to explain the natural world, in order to identify questions and to draw evidence-based conclusions.

4. Digital competence
Digital competence involves the confident and critical use of Information Society Technology (IST) for work, leisure and communication.

5. Learning to learn
‘Learning to learn’ is the ability to pursue and persist in learning, to organise one's own learning, including through effective management of time and information, both individually and in groups. This competence includes awareness of one's learning process and needs, identifying available opportunities, and the ability to overcome obstacles in order to learn successfully. This competence means gaining, processing and assimilating new knowledge and skills as well as seeking and making use of guidance.

6. Social and Civic competence
These include personal, interpersonal and intercultural competences and cover all forms of behaviour that equip individuals to participate in an effective and constructive way in social and working life, and particularly in increasingly diverse societies, and to resolve conflict where necessary.

7. Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship
Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship refers to an individual's ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives.

8. Cultural awareness and expression
Appreciation of the importance of the creative expression of ideas, experiences and emotions in a range of media, including music, performing arts, literature, and the visual arts.


You will received in your mail a link to the Work for Inclusion Youthpass.
Follow the link to your key competences.
Fill up the key competences by filling in the different boxes online.
Once all information is there, you can generate the Certificate in PDF and print them.
Further technical details you will find on the website

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